The most ridiculous sentence in a best of list.

Guy picks a place as #2 in a list of 101 best pizza places in the nation and then writes this:  “Dom goes through periods where the underside of the pizza can trend toward overdone, but when he’s on, Di Fara can make a very strong case for being America’s best pizza.”  WHEN HE’S ON?!?  So according to this guy, a pizza place can be second best in the nation out of thousands of places, top of a list of 101, and have “periods” where the crust is overdone and not always be “on.”  Then the slideshow and tabs of the 101 pizza places that sometimes get the crust right does not work correctly.  Really got it going on there,


Top 5 Lame Cold Day Posts:

Since it’s zero in Chicago, I expect to see these Lame Cold Day Posts:
(1) Global Warming Denial
(2) Picture of a Beach
(3) Gloating post from someone down south
(4) Temp on your phone screen pic
(5) “It’s winter! It’s supposed to be cold!”