Bars/Restaurants: 7 more effective profit-driving activities you are blowing off to work on your Social Media

  1. Going from table to table to greet guests every day
  2. Updating your food and beverage menus seasonally
  3. Creating fun, attention-grabbing marketing inside your establishment (four walls marketing)
  4. Inspiring your staff to smile, remember guests’ names and upsell.
  5. Fixing any seating/bar/waiting areas that are too hot, too cold, too noisy or dirty.
  6. Upgrading your music and entertainment
  7. Making your website mobile friendly

5 thoughts on “Bars/Restaurants: 7 more effective profit-driving activities you are blowing off to work on your Social Media”

  1. A lot of people over-complicate social media. Using tools like HootSuite and BufferApp, you can lower your time spent on social media considerably….

    And of course, spending more time on something does drag you away from other profit and reputation driving activities.


  2. The missed point is that engagement with the customer is the most valuable piece to this and how your addressing that need could include social media…texting for example is social media. So lets say that best of both scenarios could look like this:
    The customer can interact with the business through any communications channel they choose. chat, text, voice, web. This level of access to the business allows for the business to then have a app based management system that can allow the customer more direct access to listen to their needs, take orders and offer suggestions such as seasonal and specials the customers show interest in. The marketing can be more customized for that specific users preference based on their interest. This is providing the customer with the personal touch type service that we all demand from the places we frequent. what is you could text your drink order and just have it ready/paid and waiting for you. Maybe a pizza delivered based on your telephone texting in and fully completing your regular weekly order out feast based on your telephone number texting in the word regular.


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