Flying out to Vegas today for Nightclub & Bar Show

Me and the crew will be heading to the Nightclub & Bar show in Las Vegas over the next week.  I will be blogging and tweeting when I see something worthy.  Anyone following the blog or my twitter account @tbchicago1 who is out for the show shoot me a message.  Would love to meet and greet!

Here’s one of the clubs we’ll be visiting in Vegas – “Surrender.”




How to Make Money from Food Waste?

New waste disposal laws will have a big impact on the restaurant industry. Here’s an update on companies that claim to help you make money off your food waste or at least not lose money under coming new regulations.

food waste truck 2
40% of America’s food is thrown away.

Hottest Pizza Trend – Build Your Own Pizza Joints

Pizza chains race for more slices of the customized pie…

Thousands of made-to-order pizza restaurants are planned nationally as chefs and entrepreneurs try to whet the appetite of a growing market for customized, Chipotle-style parlors.,0,5569140.story#axzz2upFOAyTe