A few thoughts for Memorial Day

Unrelated to the business end of this blog, but thinking of my military family this weekend.

5 unconventional ways to honor our War Dead, by not trivializing War:

1. Don’t wear camouflage as a fashion trend.
2. Don’t wear parts of military uniforms or clothes based on military uniforms if you are not in the service.
3. Don’t use the word “War” in the name your reality show, “Storage Wars” makes it sound like War is just a fun game.
4. No “rah rah” War tough talk if you haven’t served. You’ll notice real combat vets never glorify War.
5. As a nation, try every possible strategy before resorting to War. Peace through Strength is a good policy to help those service moms and dads stay alive to see their kids grow up.

Have a thoughtful weekend…




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