A video reminder for the Bar/Restaurant Business from Ray Rice

I tell my clients that video is free.
Often there’s some resistance to my recommendation to spend as much as it takes to install video monitoring systems with 100% coverage in every bar, restaurant, and other business, in both public and “back of the house” areas, as well as outside the establishment.
I say “video is free” because it pays for itself 100x over in nearly every instance.

I don’t sell video systems so I’m not saying this to make money.

Ray Rice gets a minimal suspension when it’s said he beat his fiancee. When everyone sees a video of him punching her he’s kicked out of the NFL.
When a belligerent customer fights with a doorman and gets punched, it’s “he said she said” in a long expensive court case. When you can pull a video of the lunkhead cold cocking your employee, the case never even gets to court!

Video monitoring systems are free.

A-List Marketing can help with risk management in many areas of the hospitality business.  Save yourself a million dollars in mistakes by having us help you with concept development, building, opening and marketing for the long term!


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