Real Competition in Broadband – it’s important for everyone.

This is a little off my “Restau/Bar” blogging norm, but hey, bars have broadband service and it’s a vital part of our customer service.  This article breaks the news that the FCC realizes what most average Americans know is obvious: we have less and less competitive choice for one of our most essential needs – broadband Internet service.  We don’t need more consolidation in that industry, and we definitely DO need to preserve Net Neutrality, which has made the Internet an all access forum with equal treatment for every user!

If you agree that Internet service is an indispensable “utility” like electric and gas service, that everyone needs equal access to, please sign this petition.  Net Neutrality is under attack and if it falls, higher costs under a less fair system would likely impact businesses such as restaurants and bars, as well as every individual who depends on Internet access.

There’s some more good info on how Net Neutrality is important for entrepreneurs and businesses in this story.

Thanks for paying attention to this important issue – now here’s your Tater Tot Waffle Bacon-Jalapeno Grilled Cheese !




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