For Halloween, This Restaurant is “Dressing Up” As Different Restaurants.

Now this is a creative Halloween promotion.  Also a freakin’ hilarious video.  If you’ve ever been a bit scared by that “trendy new craft cocktail, foraged food restaurant” this is the perfect Halloween antidote.  Great production too!

Cheers to Real Kitchen on Montrose Ave. in Chicago and Happy Halloween Eve to all!





Chicago’s Most Haunted Bar

My clients Castle Chicago have been recognized as the #1 most haunted bar in Chicago by the Eater website.  That’s true – I’ve seen it myself. Apparitions on security cameras, candles lighting and extinguishing themselves, statues  and decor items moving around, and some really crazy seances!  Beyond spooky…   Castle has been featured on the Chicago “Haunted Places” Tour for many years.  And of course, it totally looks like a haunted castle.

In their review, the Eater is just scratching the surface on all the supernatural things that have happened there!  And notably, in the article, they fundamentally do not understand or properly state the club’s concept at all, as the Castle and its predecessor Vision are known worldwide for regularly featuring the worlds top EDM DJs, since 2002.

midnightredblastCastleNYEletsplayCastleNYE DjfromboothblueCastleNYEgreen2intomainCastleNYElasershotsintoMainCastleNYE

Happy Halloween!  — TTBG

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Watch a Golfer Sink a 226-Yard Hole-In-One

This definitely made me smile. A 226-yard hole in one today from Lee Westwood in Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club’s CIMB Classic. There’s a $7,000,000 purse! Enjoy the video…


Some moments in sports are worth watching on repeat over and over again. On Friday, we got another.

Golfer Lee Westwood hit a spectacular 226-yard hole-in-one on the 11th hole at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club’s CIMB Classic, rocketing him into contention. The Englishman is currently at 3rd place to win the tournament’s $7,000,000 purse, behind Americans Bill Hurley III and Kevin Streelman.

A shot that good is always a pleasure to watch but Lee himself was, of course, more excited than anyone.

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Is “Blurred Lines” a Marvin Gaye Rip Off?

This will be a fascinating case for those of us interested in music and copyright law.

Beyond the facts of the infringement case, it also has historical and moral overtones, highlighting the question:  When and how does artistic influence and inspiration become exploitation and theft?  It goes back to the genesis of rock and roll when white singers would remake black songs to get on race-segregated radio.

Is “Blurred Lines” a Marvin Gaye Rip Off?  Is Rock and Roll/Pop a R&B/Blues ripoff?  There’s no clear answer but it sure can be a stimulating and enlightening cultural debate.

I guess there’s quite a few “blurred lines…”

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The U.S. Economy Grew Faster Than Expected Over the Summer

Some good news for the US and our businesses that need a stronger economy and more prosperous customer base.


The U.S. posted a better-than-expected jump in growth for the third quarter, the latest indication that the world’s largest economy is performing well even as the global economy faces headwinds.

Real gross domestic product, or the output of goods and services produced by U.S. labor and property, jumped at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 3.5% in the third quarter. The Commerce Department reported the increase was primarily due to consumer spending, exports, and higher government spending on the federal, state and local levels.

Economists polled by Bloomberg had projected a 3% increase in GDP, which comes after a 4.6% increase in the second quarter that was aided by a rebound in activity after a harsh winter.

“Finally the consensus is coming around that the U.S. has some above-trend growth,” said Bob Baur, chief global economist at Principal Global Investors. Baur estimates that the U.S. economy can reported growth…

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