One of Chicago’s Best Bars had a theft reality check.

I just read an enthusiastic testimonial from bar owners who saved over $2,000 per week in product loss and wanted to share their story.

Fischman Liquors & Tavern is a very cool establishment in Chicago, named one of the Top 100 Best Bars in Chicago by Chicago Magazine.

Read the details from this bar owner below or check this out on Facebook.

To all our fellow bar & restaurant owners…….
For a year now we have been doing weekly audits at our bar after another fellow bar referred this fabulous company Bevinco to us (thx friend you know who you are). The information we received from these audits were shocking, we knew we were missing some things but never to that extent. As an owner, you want to try hard to please your customers and find ways to get them back. Bartenders try hard as well, but the question is to what extent will your staff take to get that hefty tip, how does your bartender get that big crowd in on their shift?? Do any of us owners really dig deeper? We see a full bar and we’re happy so no need to look further, right? Ummmm… NO!
After a month of silent audits (our staff didn’t know) we discovered that we lost over $7,000. One week alone we lost over $2,000 in potential revenue. We were giving away 90- 150 bottle of beer on a weekly basis, we were pouring vodka like it was water… it was sick! Since this information came out to our staff, some have stayed and some unfortunately have left to try their tricks on another innocent bar. Yes we’ve lost some customers along the way as well, but we’ve learned from moving on that those weren’t really our customers to begin with. Moochers and free loaders fits them to a T.
People think owning a business you have a tree with an endless supply of green paper on it. HA!! Those people are oblivious to the sweat, tears and money that go into owning a business… especially a small family owned business.
I could ramble on about our experience but this post has pretty much summed it up. So to all our fellow bar & restaurant owners we highly suggest you looking into this great service called Bevinco. We have a great guy that we continue to work with to keep ourselves and staff on our toes. Please inbox us for more information if interested.
Ohhhh… and to our bartenders that stayed WE LOVE YOU for your honesty and for capability of entertaining a bar full of people without giving away the bar. To our customers that stayed WE LOVE YOU for supporting us and for your great taste in quality beer!!


This is why I was taught and always say “people do what you INSpect not what you EXpect,” and emphasize the importance of having systems in place to “keep honest people honest.”

At A-List we love working together with clients to improve their business practices and bottom lines – there are many techniques and systems we can share.  Contact us for a consultation!

Bevinco is an innovative solution to provide an inventory and cost reality check, and a path to success for bars and beverage driven restaurants.

Bevinco is not my client and I get no compensation from recommending them, they just have a great inventory control and analysis for retail beverage sales.

Bevinco is part of Sculpture Hospitality and can be found here.






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