Larry Lessig’s Mission to Reclaim Democracy

This is the fundamental problem behind all other problems of corruption, waste and unresponsiveness of government that people left right and center complain about. Here is what it would take to fix our government – very well said!


Evidence suggests that the U.S. Congress is less popular today than the British crown was in the 13 colonies at the time of the American Revolution.

So why do voters continue to send so many incumbents back to Washington?

The system is rigged, argues Larry Lessig, a maverick Harvard Law School professor and prominent advocate for campaign finance reform.

According to Lessig, the outcome of many Congressional elections are decided ahead of the vote by a tiny fraction of the population – the donors who give to Super PACs.

In order to combat the undue influence of these political-action committees, Lessig took an unusual step earlier this year. He formed a Super PAC of his own.

Lessig’s MayDay Super PAC is funding candidates in this year’s midterm elections who have pledged to support campaign finance reform. Lessig is not attempting to change the system overnight. Instead he hopes to influence…

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