Chicago’s Most Haunted Bar

My clients Castle Chicago have been recognized as the #1 most haunted bar in Chicago by the Eater website.  That’s true – I’ve seen it myself. Apparitions on security cameras, candles lighting and extinguishing themselves, statues  and decor items moving around, and some really crazy seances!  Beyond spooky…   Castle has been featured on the Chicago “Haunted Places” Tour for many years.  And of course, it totally looks like a haunted castle.

In their review, the Eater is just scratching the surface on all the supernatural things that have happened there!  And notably, in the article, they fundamentally do not understand or properly state the club’s concept at all, as the Castle and its predecessor Vision are known worldwide for regularly featuring the worlds top EDM DJs, since 2002.

midnightredblastCastleNYEletsplayCastleNYE DjfromboothblueCastleNYEgreen2intomainCastleNYElasershotsintoMainCastleNYE

Happy Halloween!  — TTBG

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