Weekend Quick Shots – 11/29/14

It makes us feel better to thank someone, so why don’t we do it more often?  Put some gratitude in your attitude!


Marriage Tip:If you spend too much time on WIFI you might lose your Wifey.


Just my thoughts… Have a great holiday weekend! — TimTheBarGuy

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Ambulance drone can help heart attack victims in under 2 minutes

Great idea! See Drones can be a good thing!


Drones get a bad rap from the FAA but there’s growing evidence that more unmanned aircraft in the sky would do more good than harm. We’ve already seen how drones can save the day in search-and-rescue situations, and now a Dutch student is showing people how the devices, which can weigh under 5 pounds, could be a game-changer in medical emergencies.

Alex Momont, an engineer at the Technical University of Delft, has created an airborne defibrillator-delivery system that can reach anyone with a five-square-mile area in less than minutes. The school has posted this remarkable video showing how it works:

The so-called “Ambulance Drone” was the result of Momont’s Master thesis research. On his website, he likens the project to a medical toolbox:

[blockquote person=”” attribution=””]”The first minutes after an accident are critical and essential to provide the right care to prevent escalation. Speeding up emergency response can prevent deaths and accelerate recovery dramatically. This is notably true…

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GoPro Might Be Making its Own Drones

For anyone doing Christmas Shopping for me …


Action camera company GoPro is producing its own line of consumer drones, the Wall Street Journalreports. The remote-controlled, multirotor aircraft will be backed with a camera and be priced at $500 to $1,000, aimed squarely at the upper-level consumer drone market.

The move makes sense for GoPro — its lightweight but high-resolution action cameras have long been used by remote-control hobbyists looking to add photography and videography capabilities to their aircraft. Acknowledging that trend, top drone manufacturers like DJI have started producing their own cameras for their aircraft, potentially cutting into GoPro’s sales.

GoPro is among the top action camera makers in the world. Its high-end, $499 HERO4 Black records ultra-high-res 4K video and takes 12MP stills at 30 frames per second, while its new entry-level HERO model retails for $129.99 and takes 1080p video and 5MP stills at 5 frames per second.


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A Nasty Lawsuit at Chicago Hot Spot “The Purple Pig.”

One of the hazards of the cash-based and personality-driven restaurant and bar business are disputes over money, accounting, and partnership agreements. This scandal at the Purple Pig is a prime example to learn from, involving some of the biggest restaurant players in Chicago.

Opening or operating a bar or restaurant?  Got partners?  Want to set up partnerships, management companies or LLCs?  Leverage the expertise of A-List Marketing and you could save yourself problems like this in your future.  Contact us for a free strategy session …

Here’s the Purple Pig saga, thanks to Peter Frost of Crain’s Chicago Business.


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Why Someone Needs to Put a GoPro Camera on a Shot Ski.

Because… GoPro and Shot Ski just belong together!

We have fun with “shot skis” at many of my clients’ locations. It’s a new twist on shots and makes celebrating even more of a group activity.
Someone needs to put a GoPro camera on a shot ski to get some great video “shots” – I might have to be the one to do that over the big TG holiday weekend!

Have a great Saturday Night and rest of your weekend — TimTheBarGuy

The League of Distinguished Shot Ski Gentlemen at one of my client bars, The Snuggery Schaumburg, Illinois.
shot ski whiskeyriver
Rockin’ the Shot Ski at Whiskey River, Mt. Prospect Illinois. One of my newest client bars that opened Fall 2014.

When you’re in the Chicago area, check out Whiskey River, The Snuggery, and my other Ala Carte Entertainment client bars and restaurants for fun, food and festivities!

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News Flash For The Alcohol Service Business.

Our entire market is about 30% of the population.
30% of American adults don’t drink at all, 30% drink less than 1 drink per week, and many in the top 10% of drinkers drink so excessively they are trouble, and you probably don’t want them in a bar.  That leaves about 30% that drink moderately and regularly.
A-List Marketing has developed, opened and marketed more than 40 beverage driven establishments, achieving long term success.
Read the research here – and let us help with your target marketing if you have a bar, nightclub or beverage driven restaurant.
Cheers! — TimTheBarGuy

Thanks to Jeff Haden on LinkedIn for the link to the research and the insights.


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