Molly Glynn’s husband sues over actress’ death

Excessive litigation. The solution costs nothing — any defendant in a civil action should have the same right to a bench trial as a defendant in a criminal trial. This would discourage many jury-baiting sad but not negligent tales from ever making it to court, while not threatening legitimate civil cases. Judges will more frequently make a more fact based, less emotional call in death and injury civil cases.
I am not saying there is no case here; I don’t like to judge anything without the facts. But a tree blowing over in a storm is most likely not a matter of government negligence.

In the bar/restaurant business, as well as any retailer, unwarranted suits are a plague.  We are targeted by scammers and sought out as “deep pockets” in lawsuits where we are only tangentially involved.
Whether this Molly Glynn suit is justified or not, a defendant’s right to a civil bench trial is obviously a fair play and would lead to a better justice system.


The freak accident that killed actress Molly Glynn has spawned a lawsuit.

Glynn, 46,  was killed in September when a tree fell on her while she was riding a bike in a north suburban forest preserve.

The tree was uprooted by a wind gust as a storm moved in.

A lawsuit filed by Glynn’s husband, Joe Foust,  claims the Cook County Forest Preserve District failed to keep the area clear of dead or dying trees.

A spokesman for the district says it doesn’t comment on pending litigation.

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