The real reason that US internet service providers are terrified of strong net neutrality

Confused about Net Neutrality?

Here’s a quick quiz to see if you are for it or against it.

1. Do you think (A) Internet Access is a necessity or (B) Internet Access is a consumer good people can do without?

2. Do you personally have (A) only 1 to 3 choices for providers of Internet service or (B) do you have many choices for Internet service as you would for where to buy clothes or a car?

3. Do you think Internet providers operate more like (A) a telephone or electric company or (B) a car manufacturer or clothing store?

If you answered mostly (A) you are in favor of Net Neutrality.  If you answered mostly (B) you are against Net Neutrality.

Read more here about Net Neutrality from a conservative, free market perspective.

And read the Quartz article below for more information on the latest developments.

Net Neutrality is a seemingly boring, but actually very important issue, especially for smaller businesses and consumers concerned about cost of Internet access and fair treatment of smaller businesses.


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