Look out Cronut, Chicago’s invented the Wonut.

Our good friend Alex Hernandez serves up friendly creative breakfasts at his hit South Loop restaurant Waffles. One of his neighborhood secrets is the “Wonut,” a combination waffle and donut. Now the secret is out as Alex has trademarked his Wonut creation and is opening a kiosk at Chicago’s Water Tower Place, and looking to further expansion of the Wonut concept. Having enjoyed a Wonut I say, watch out Cronut, and best of luck to a Chicago restaurant entrepreneur!

Alex Hernandez and his trademarked “Wonuts” are catching on like Chicago fire.

First reported in Crain’s Chicago Business, Alex’s Water Tower Place Wonut Kiosk is set to open November 25.  Read more at Eater Chicago.

Best of luck to Alex on sharing his amazing treats with Chicago and the world!

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