8 Unique Features of the New Facebook Wallet.

Facebook wants to be your wallet, reportedly developing a system for allowing monetary transfers and eventually retail purchases directly through Facebook apps.  Here are some of the features I expect to see in the new “Facebook Wallet”:

1. Everything you buy also belongs to Facebook.
2. You have to run two different apps, “Facebook Wallet” and also “Walletssenger,” one to pay the purchase price and one to pay the sales tax.
3. With Facebook Wallet, you can only make purchases at stores you visit at least weekly.
4. Every one of your friends can tag, rate and comment on each of your purchases.
5. You build up your credit rating for years, then Facebook Wallet will wipe out all your credit information without notice, and you’ll have to change your name and start over.
6. The price you pay for an item is determined by how many other people want it.
7. The list of stores where Facebook Wallet works changes daily without notification.
8. There’s no customer service phone number.

I’m sure I’m missing a few great ideas so feel free to send me some suggestions, and happy FaceShopping…


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