Chicago’s OSU bar just a few steps away from Oregon bar: Which is better?

The OSU bar across the street from the Oregon bar in Chicago. Not the only ones in town but will be a very interesting block for the “Ducks V Bucks” College Football Championship Game tonight!
As a Big 10 Alumnus from Wisconsin who has that ingrown Ohio State hatred along with the Ducks beating the Badgers in their last Rose Bowl (which I attended), I really can’t have a preference…


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Ohio State and Oregon match up in the College Football National Championship game Monday night.

It’s hard to decide out who to root for — WGN’s Nancy Loo went to Oregon while WGN Morning News meteorologist Demetrius Ivory went to Ohio State.

Well, it turns out here in Chicago that each team’s official bars are just a few feet away from each other.

Marcus Leshock went to ask the people there for some help with making a prediction.

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