Is Today’s Country Music Just for “Cheesy Horndogs?”

~~ I have opened and marketed 3 country bar/restaurant/nightclubs over many years, and have a great deal of respect for this music format. I have to agree with the article below. In the Garth Brooks years of the 90s there were so many great songs and performers.  In the last few years, Country has been taken over by a boring, moronic, negative formula.

~~ I could not believe the idiotic atmosphere at Kenny Chesney’s recent Soldier Field show I attended, with fights breaking out, people spilling beer on others and vomiting and overall the trashed atmosphere of a bad frat party.  My experience in our clubs was always that country bands and fans were the most polite and good hearted crowd in all of music.  What happened in the past few years?  It’s time for the artists and business to step up or be a meaningless joke genre like booty house music.

Read about how Country Music has become music “for cheesy horndogs,” and needs a Nirvana moment here.  I agree and hope the musicians and industry can see beyond the quick buck and save this great genre for the long term.



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