WATCH: Pennsylvanian teen told to tear down tree house after complaint

NO Fun allowed in 2015 I guess. SMH

Global News

Two months of planning, measuring twice before cutting, and building a tree house got 14-year-old Elise Truchan an “exemplary” grade for her Grade 8 project, but a big no-no from the authorities.

The Pennsylvania teen built the two-storey structure over the winter months, completing it in February. A month later, her family received a letter from building inspectors demanding that the structure be torn down or risk receiving a citation.

Featuring a rope ladder, wall-to-wall carpeting and a see-through roof for stargazing, the tree house was deemed to be a violation of Leet Township’s building codes after a neighbour filed a complaint.

“I was pretty devastated,” Elise told local newspaper TribLive.

The letter said that the tree house was considered an “accessory structure,” which the township does not allow in front yards. It also claimed that a building permit would be required for a tree house.

The Truchan family…

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