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advice from the Ocean




#Top5 Surprises for #Target as They Start Serving Alcohol

Target plans to start serving alcohol at one of their Chicago locations, so customers can sip while they shop.  As a beverage industry professional, here are my predictions for the top 5 surprises Target will discover as they enter the bar business.

1. Vomit Cleanup on Aisle 5.
2. Five Cart Pile Up.
3. Easier to sell off those weird clearance items.
4. Constantly running out of nacho chips, pizza and taco fixin’s.
5. Previously unimaginable variety of restroom vandalism.

What other surprises will they discover?  Add your thoughts in the comments…

Here’s more smack about the proposed “Barget” and the trend of beverage service in groceries.

Have an excellent Labor Day Weekend everyone!  Cheers! – Tim