Generate Your Own Trendy Bar Menu in 2 Seconds

~~ This cracked me up and has more than an ancient grain of truth! This hilarious site will generate a trendy “Brooklyn” bar name and menu with a click.  This would also apply to our Chicago neighborhood Logan Square! Or anywhere “bison waffle with frightened sardine” would not be out of place on a menu.

~~ Thanks to Anne and Roger for passing this along.

~~ Have a great week everyone!

brooklyn bar menu


DNA Helps ID Unknown Soldiers Killed at Pearl Harbor :: #VeteransDay

Wonders of modern science. What better tribute on #Veteran’sDay than to finally deliver these heroes to their families?
Read here how modern DNA technology identified unknown soldiers killed in the Pearl Harbor attack on Dec 7, 1941.
Truly inspiring!

Bravo to all Veterans on #VeteransDay 2015, including my Dad “The Colonel” Cliff Borden, career Army, and our young sailor Olivia Huber!

thanks to Navy Times for the story

pear harbor unknowns


Excellent Read for Enterpreneurs or anyone trying something new!

Tim Ferris author of 4 Hour Workweek has a great blog post about the emotional roller coaster ride taken by Start Up Founders or any Entrepreneur, and how to handle the different stages. I found it enlightening and helpful!

Have an adventurous and profitable week!

PS Here’s another great read from Tim that reminded me about the “Hell Yeah!” theory I had gotten away from.  And Entrepreneurs be sure to read this too!

rollercoaster 1