Now can we retire the “McDonald’s is Dying” stories forever?

I’m Lovin’ It! I’ve spent the last year calling BS on the argument that McDonalds is dying off. Every few years this story comes along when sales or the stock price dips. Every time it’s been market hysteria, click baiting and wishful thinking. Today we see with a few tweaks sales are up and share price is soaring to all time highs.
Keep in mind McDonald’s has the resources and experience to create the best systems and recruit the top minds in the food service business. They are not going away anytime ever.

While I am at it, those who attack the nutritional content of McDonald’s food should compare their published nutritional data with an analysis of the hipster fast feeders such as Shake Shack, In N Out, Chipotle etc. I believe a Big Mac has a lot less fat and calories than the most popular items on many menus that get a pass on health criticism. On the run, I’m good with an Egg McMuffin (no cheese) or a Quarter Pounder.  I don’t feel like taking a nap afterward like I would with Five Guys.

Check out the specifics on McDonald’s latest results here.  And even the enemies of fast food admit it here.

Eat a balanced diet and McDonald’s won’t hurt you now and then. Poutine will kill ya a lot faster!

Cheers – Tim

All day breakfast has been one of the ingredients in McDonald’s tasty sales uptick.




#JayZ says key to #success is “be water.”

~ Be Water.

~ If you pour water in a cup, it takes the shape of the cup. If you pour it in a teapot, it takes the shape of the teapot. Be fluid. Treat each project differently. The best style is no style, because styles can be figured out. And when you have no one style, they can’t figure you out.

Jay Z

There’s nothing wrong with not writing your own songs except…

~ Just discussing an article with industry friends that pointed out only 2 of the the TOP 10 selling songs last year were written by the performer with no help. Some thought it was no big deal and others a symptom of creative disintegration.

~ I say there’s nothing wrong with a separate songwriter. That was almost universal before the Beatles. If you’re a great singer that doesn’t mean you have songwriting potential of any kind and vice versa. The problem is when a few groups of “writers” crank out formula tunes written from a marketing perspective like an ad, avoiding innovation instead of trying to make a distinctive contribution to people’s lives. That’s the road to a creative wasteland.

~ And 9 songwriters is ridiculous on “Uptown Funk.” This was not even an original song but a rip off of the Gap Band’s “Oops Upside Your Head.”  Something shady going on there.

~ Here’s the article – feel free to comment. Have a creative day!

— Tim

A Young American and David Bowie

~ We did “Rebel Rebel” in my high school rock band. As kids we never talked about Bowie’s sexuality. We just identified with the rebel, the energy and his talent.

~ I was a teen in central Wisconsin in the late 70s. “That Seventies Show” was our life. No computers. No cell phones. Three TV channels and “MASH” was the cutting edge program.
~ Rock music was the way we knew there was something else out there. And no one was further out there than David Bowie. Across the universe was where he took our minds.



Restaurant / Bar Idea : Promote Thru Your WiFi

I believe SmartWiFi is a great idea for bars, restaurants and other businesses.  Run your loyalty program and customer discount offers on the WiFi that customers use in the establishment!  I haven’t figured out the best service yet but here’s a few that are out there.

Pharo Social (video explaining concept and linking to Social Media)





Let me know your thoughts, any operators that are using these or considering.