There’s nothing wrong with not writing your own songs except…

~ Just discussing an article with industry friends that pointed out only 2 of the the TOP 10 selling songs last year were written by the performer with no help. Some thought it was no big deal and others a symptom of creative disintegration.

~ I say there’s nothing wrong with a separate songwriter. That was almost universal before the Beatles. If you’re a great singer that doesn’t mean you have songwriting potential of any kind and vice versa. The problem is when a few groups of “writers” crank out formula tunes written from a marketing perspective like an ad, avoiding innovation instead of trying to make a distinctive contribution to people’s lives. That’s the road to a creative wasteland.

~ And 9 songwriters is ridiculous on “Uptown Funk.” This was not even an original song but a rip off of the Gap Band’s “Oops Upside Your Head.”  Something shady going on there.

~ Here’s the article – feel free to comment. Have a creative day!

— Tim


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