New Word Wednesday

~~ That friend on Facebook who’s birthday pops up and you have no idea who they are.


Some words need to exist so I make them up.



How To Beat Terrorism

Terrorism wins if people are paralyzed into inaction or worse yet take stupid actions in response.  Smart warriors with intelligent plans and execution will have the resources and strength of character to triumph. Reactionary moves play into the terrorists’ hands.

Victory through strength, patience and intelligence is the best strategy.

Peace to all the families of the dead today.


#Terrorism. #PrayForTheWorld #Brussels #Belgiumattack


Meet me in Las Vegas next week!

Me and the A-List Marketing crew and some clients will be heading to the Nightclub & Bar show in Las Vegas from this Sunday through Wednesday (Mar 6 – Mar 9).  I will be blogging and tweeting when I see something worthy.  Anyone following the blog or my twitter account @tbchicago1 who is out for the show ping me a message.  Would love to meet and greet!

We have a poolside table at the Tuesday night XS party and will be at the Absolut Monday afternoon pool party – so stop by and say hi! Or see you on the NC&B trade show floor all day Tuesday.

Cheers! – Tim