Goal Setting – Be S-M-A-R-T !

Very SMART guide to goal setting!


343In order for goals to be effective, they need to be S-M-A-R-T:


S – Specific:

For example, ‘I want to lose weight,’ is not a goal but mere wishful thinking. It only becomes a goal when I specify it down to, ‘I want to lose 5kg in 90 days.’


M – Measurable:

If we cannot measure a goal, we cannot accomplish it. Measurement allows us to plot our process and measure our progress.


A – Achievable:

This means that your goal must lie just beyond our reach so we are motivated to push ourselves past our ‘safe’ comfort-zone – and not out of sight; otherwise, you will lose heart and give up.


R – Realistic:

Returning to the dieting example, a person who wants to lose 25kg in 30 days is being unrealistic.


T – Time-bound:

There should always be a starting time/date and a…

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