Creativity Is Currency. Put It In The Bank.

Creative thoughts on creativity!


Ideas flourish in the minds of all of us. We just need to have the balls to push them forward. Sometimes they work; most often they don’t. I actually like it when some of my ideas don’t work, because it means I am getting closer to one that will. Also, I try to be dogmatic to prove a point. I put myself out there and fail to teach someone a lesson. Sometimes it’s my staff; often, it’s me.

There is risk here; however, I have never cared about the downside. If you’re worried about failing, you will never stretch yourself and maximize your potential. You don’t want to be lying on your death bed thinking you should have done something or tried harder. I think it would be much more rewarding to feel good about your accomplishments, pass on some wisdom, and call it a day. I have come to…

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2 thoughts on “Creativity Is Currency. Put It In The Bank.”

  1. Hi Tim,Dave Markos here from La Crosse, WI, The Twisted Moose and Legend’s. I am on your mailing list and today I finally told myself I would write you. I won’t be too long or I’ll try to be quick. I remember when you told George and I to keep things simple with our menu and the decor and we did just the opposite and regret it in a big way. We went full out with the decor and also hired a guy with an enormous background to help us with operations. Well, we involved him or I should say we let me help with the menu and so we brought a chef in that Fred, the consultant knew from past jobs they did together. Tim, the chef, and Fred talked us into the “Northwoods” type menu that featured some fantastic food but as time went on and a ton of advertising it finally dawned on us that many of these menu items were too select. By that, I mean it isn’t food a Guest would eat several times a month and probably not a couple times per month either.So, next week we will introduce a new menu that I will describe as simpler and mainstream. Labor has been a killer in the restaurant because the original menu is so prep heavy. Gee, welcome to the world of the restaurant business, right!? Tim, the chef became our GM and those 3 months were a nightmare because he just couldn’t get along with the staff. I tried and tried hard to mold this guy knowing there are certain things we cannot train. Great chef, narrow minded and not very pleasant to be around. Late night is decent and we do have our moments. In fact, we do really well with the restaurant on weekends too but the weekdays lunch and dinners are horrible. I don’t remember if we were talking about putting garage doors at the Twisted Moose site but we did and they are a huge hit. No other business in our area has these doors and people do love being here when they are open. In case you don’t recall, that is the former Coconut Joe’s space. Legend’s, the nightclub is in the former Sawtooth Sam’s space. Legend’s was easy to put together and it’s the 3rd time we’ve been Legend’s in that space with the last time being 15 years ago. Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update. I know our relationship didn’t blossom but maybe we can work together again someday. I want you to know that we refer to you often because we did make some mistakes and we should have taken your advice. It’s not that we didn’t like your advice as much as we have never done things the easy way where less is better. lol…stupid, I know!I hope all is well with you. I like your newsletters.Take care, Dave Markos

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    1. Hi Dave! I just saw your post. Well, hospitality is a “learning business” for us all so don’t feel bad! I’ve been there too. Glad the garage doors worked out! I’m a believer if you have the street scape which you surely do. Simple does work best in our business these days. I would be pleased to work together in the future and I apologize for not being more aggressive in keeping in touch. But I have learned operators need to go there own way, and I’m just here when and if needed. Take care and keep in touch Dave! Best of luck to you and George.


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