My Quick Voting Guide

I’m not going to tell people who to vote for but I do get asked about it. What I do: (1) Always VOTE – don’t fail to use your rights that people have died to give to us. (2) I vote personal character first in a candidate, then policy. Issues come and go and the results are always compromise, so the most important thing is the personal character and behavior of a candidate, not the party, not the platform. (3) I vote for divided government as taxpayers always do best with a balance under our current system. I never want to see either party have unchecked power. In this election that means voting Republican for IL state offices and Blue for all national offices. I’m not a partisan. (4) Don’t be intimidated and think you can’t get informed about politics. With the Internet it’s easy if we use the same tools of reason that we use in our business and daily lives, do our own research, bypass the BS online and get the facts. The truth is available if we want it. Don’t let opinion media tell you who to vote for! They are trying to sell ads by getting everyone worked up. Think for yourself and VOTE! (5) YES we do have to vote “lesser of 2 evils” rather than not voting or 3rd Party.

God Bless America!


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