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I am a hospitality industry consultant who has been a key player in the concept development and marketing of more than 40 bars, restaurants and nightclubs.  My client list also includes many major beverage companies, and I have been involved in launching and running marketing programs for many brands.

Here are my 2 points of difference as a consultant:
(1) Almost all of the bars, restaurants and clubs I helped open are still operating successfully, some for more than 15 years.
(2) I still consult for most of the clients and brands I helped launch.

Very few consultants can say those 2 things – I believe they prove my consistent high value to clients.

I’m proud of the teams at every one of my clients for their success! Consistency and longevity are the hardest things to accomplish in food, beverage and entertainment services.

I enjoy sharing my track record of success in business development, marketing, advertising, creative promotions and PR, hospitality industry concept development, project management, the alcohol and non-alcohol beverage industries, sponsor solicitation, program execution, fund raising, music and entertainment, team building, revenue optimization and cost-cutting techniques.

I am also a managing partner in Essence Photo & Video, one of Chicago’s top 5 special event photography and videography businesses (based on annual volume).  Essence has been an extremely beneficial business building experience.  It’s remarkable how related the worlds of hospitality and wedding event services turned out to be.  Our website is  http://www.EssencePV.com

Earlier in my career, in the 2000s, I was also fortunate to build national advertising agency executive credentials including managing national marketing programs with more than 1,000 employees and budgets in excess of $40 million.  I leverage my national perspective, connections and agency skill set to benefit all my clients.

I grew up in New England and then Wisconsin, and received my BA degree in advertising and journalism from University of Wisconsin in Madison.

In my career I have executed client programs in the City of Chicago, the Metro Chicago area, and the following markets: New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, Indianapolis, Detroit, Milwaukee, Madison, Tampa, Orlando, New Orleans, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, St Louis, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Cleveland, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, the Virgin Islands and other locations.

For more information, please visit my LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/timborden

I also post hospitality industry news, ideas, biz/political and random fun stuff all day every day on TimTheBarGuy (Facebook) and @tbchicago1 on Twitter.

I hope to link up with you on all our platforms!


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