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Restaurants can attract Pokemon Go players for 99 cents by “dropping a lure.”

Restaurants and other businesses are loading the monster new mobile game Pokemon Go to find out if their location is part of the game or near a spot which is a goal for players to visit. There’s no way to pay to be a location, but you can purchase “lures” within the game that attract the virtual creatures that inhabit the game, and thus attract real players that could be customers.

Read about this crazy popular game and how businesses are making themselves part of it here.

Here’s more details on exactly how dropping a lure can work for stores near “Pokestops.” Courtesy of Restaurant News and @RonRuggless.




Good idea for a Bar Promotion – Worldwide Pillow Fight!

~~ April 4 is Pillow Fight Day and apparently this has been a worldwide flash mob thing for 10 years. Great idea for a bar promotion next year with a couple months pre-promotion. Something different in our business where promotions have gotten way too boring!
~~ Read about it here in the New York Times.

~~ Looking for fun, sales building promotions and events for your bar, nightclub or restaurant?  Reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter or contact me privately via this blog.  — Tim

~~ And here’s a pillow fight prank that could probably get out of hand in a bar where people are drinking.


Chicago’s OSU bar just a few steps away from Oregon bar: Which is better?

The OSU bar across the street from the Oregon bar in Chicago. Not the only ones in town but will be a very interesting block for the “Ducks V Bucks” College Football Championship Game tonight!
As a Big 10 Alumnus from Wisconsin who has that ingrown Ohio State hatred along with the Ducks beating the Badgers in their last Rose Bowl (which I attended), I really can’t have a preference…


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Ohio State and Oregon match up in the College Football National Championship game Monday night.

It’s hard to decide out who to root for — WGN’s Nancy Loo went to Oregon while WGN Morning News meteorologist Demetrius Ivory went to Ohio State.

Well, it turns out here in Chicago that each team’s official bars are just a few feet away from each other.

Marcus Leshock went to ask the people there for some help with making a prediction.

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The Atlanta Hawks had a Tinder-themed night, and this is what happened

Great idea – “Swipe Right” Tinder Night at the Atlanta Hawks Game Jan. 7. No reason this could not be a nightclub or bar promotion with a bit of tweaking. Let me know if you want to try it…

For The Win


On Wednesday, the Atlanta Hawks hosted “Swipe Right Night,” encouraging fans to use the dating/hookup app, Tinder, while watching the team take on the Grizzlies.

And, predictably, the internet loved it — “Hawks” and “Tinder” were even trending in Atlanta. Here are the highlights.

First, the Hawks prepared for the evening with some *classy* flowers.

As the stadium geared up for the game, tensions ran high.

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Free Promotion Event Idea: Bad Santa.

Everyone bar does an “ugly sweater contest,” it’s getting kind of lame. But one of my favorite Chicago bars “Three Aces” recently came up with a fresh idea – a “Bad Santa” contest!
I would suggest “Bad Santa and Sleazy Elf” to add more costume ideas and get women more involved.  Go!

Chicago’s Three Aces is the only garage rock biker bar I know featuring “farm-to-table Italian fare and an all-American beer list.”

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Why Someone Needs to Put a GoPro Camera on a Shot Ski.

Because… GoPro and Shot Ski just belong together!

We have fun with “shot skis” at many of my clients’ locations. It’s a new twist on shots and makes celebrating even more of a group activity.
Someone needs to put a GoPro camera on a shot ski to get some great video “shots” – I might have to be the one to do that over the big TG holiday weekend!

Have a great Saturday Night and rest of your weekend — TimTheBarGuy

The League of Distinguished Shot Ski Gentlemen at one of my client bars, The Snuggery Schaumburg, Illinois.
shot ski whiskeyriver
Rockin’ the Shot Ski at Whiskey River, Mt. Prospect Illinois. One of my newest client bars that opened Fall 2014.

When you’re in the Chicago area, check out Whiskey River, The Snuggery, and my other Ala Carte Entertainment client bars and restaurants for fun, food and festivities!

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Free Original Bar / Nightclub Idea

Someone please do this in a club or bar – it would work!  I’ll help! Could be a package that would move from venue to venue, or a permanent theme element of a bar or club.

It’s the Live Human Version of a video game.

There’s something like this in New York City, but it’s not in a bar or club.  Has also been used from time to time in corporate team building.