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Generate Your Own Trendy Bar Menu in 2 Seconds

~~ This cracked me up and has more than an ancient grain of truth! This hilarious site will generate a trendy “Brooklyn” bar name and menu with a click.  This would also apply to our Chicago neighborhood Logan Square! Or anywhere “bison waffle with frightened sardine” would not be out of place on a menu.

~~ Thanks to Anne and Roger for passing this along.

~~ Have a great week everyone!

brooklyn bar menu


Sign of the Craft Cocktail Apocalypse

A Norwegian company plans on mining glaciers for high-end ice.  So you’ll be able to have your ice shipped from the Arctic so it can melt in your drink.  On the voyage over the Craft Cocktail craze can be seen jumping the shark.

Think I’ll have a beer.

Glacier cocktail glass


The Cool “Secret” Trend That’s Sure to Catch On.

Due to the long term trend in the drinking market toward exclusivity, mixology and catering to higher end clientele, I am convinced the Secret Cocktail Club concept will catch fire in multiple markets and be a leading edge trend in the year to come. There are many other possible permutations of the secret/private drinking theme; I am working with clients on some innovations right now!

Read about Chicago’s Liquor Lab Secret Cocktail Club here in Thrillist and get ready to see more of this.


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This Exists: A Levitating Gin and Tonic

Now THIS is cutting edge cocktailing!


Charlie Harry Francis, a culinary inventor who has brought the world such edible items as zero-calorie mists in flavors like apple pie, lobster and smoked bacon, glowing jellyfish-flavored ice cream, Viagra-flavored frozen desserts, a Popcorn Hairdryer and something called the Soup Washing Machine has turned his attention to making an anti-gravity cocktail.

Francis and his Lick Me I’m Delicious laboratory teamed up with Bristol University ultrasonics expert Bruce Drinkwater to create the floating cocktail and put the Levitron to good use making strong drinks. The machine suspends droplets of very strong alcohol in levitating field formed by supersonic sound waves. (The truly curious can read more here).

Because the droplets simply float in space, there is no glassware necessary to drink the cocktail. Instead, imbibers simply slurp up the floating droplets. Beware, though, a mere four droplets may be enough to get you drunk. “It has to…

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Bartender Wisdom…

“You must be the fastest person in the room, the happiest person in the room, the smartest person in the room, the most compassionate person in the room, the most attractive person in the room. And never say ‘no.’” As a long time hospitality industry vet who started as a bartender I say that is what makes the perfect bartender.

Learn more from the top bartenders in this article from Nation’s Restaurant News, always a great source for industry news and ideas!



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