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Warm Up with some Mac N Cheese Donuts

~~ Restaurants and Bakeries should jump on new Savory Donut recipes.
~~ It’s cold and snowy in Chicago today and comfort food in donut form sounds good to me.  Hmmm, the Grilled Cheese Donut, Savory Cream Cheese Donuts, or Donut Monte Cristo Sliders… Decisions, Decisions.
~~ There’s some great ideas to jump start the Savory Donut food trend right here.

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Meet Billy Pork, the father of Chicago’s charcuterie revolution

Meet Billy Pork, the father of Chicago’s charcuterie revolution.

The Chicago Reader reveals the man behind the sausage in our town!


Michelin Guide reveals Chicago restaurant stars

The latest list of Michelin restaurant stars in Chicago, America’s greatest restaurant town.


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Those interested in Chicago’s fine dining scene have a new list they can turn to for some of the city’s best eating.

The Michelin Guide Chicago 2015 revealed that Grace, home to renowned chef Curtis Duffy, received a third star on the most recent list, one more than last year’s two-star earning.

Also on the list was 42 grams in Uptown, which received two stars in its first year of consideration.

This year’s Michelin Guide Chicago also marks the first time in five years that no suburban restaurants received stars.

Here is the full list:

Three stars



Two stars

42 grams



One star




El Ideas




The Lobby

Longman & Eagle



North Pond








The Chicago Tribune contributed to this report.

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Pig Out Today, It’s International Bacon Day!

Each Labor Day Weekend is made even more sizzling with International Bacon Day, held on the Saturday before Labor Day.  I guess you could also call it Fat Saturday.

It’s not too early to start warming up for the Great American Bacon Fest coming Sept 6 in Chicago.  So why not pig out on some Bacon Infused Bloody Mary Popsicles on Bacon Sticks?

Thanks to Thrillist for thrilling our arteries with the bacon popsicle recipe.

Or perhaps a magnificent Bacon Weave Taco!


Or Eggs IN Bacon for breakfast!

eggs in bacon

Or Mac and Cheese in an edible bacon bowl…


Or bacon wrapped corn on the cob at your Labor Day BBQ…

bacon wrapped corn

Or treat your sweetheart to some chocolate dipped bacon roses!

chocolate bacon roses

Basically, America Loves Bacon – have a delicous weekend!  — TTBG




And speaking of beer, Science says it’s good for you!

News Flash:  Beer is good for you!

“Research suggests beer can help protect against Alzheimer’s disease, aid weight loss and even balance hormones – and now it’s attracting more and more health-conscious men and women.

‘If you analysed beer you would  be amazed at how many super-nutrients there are in it,’ says Dr Stephan Domenig, medical director of The Original F.X. Mayr Health Centre in Austria. ‘Beer contains  all of the essential – and many of the non-essential – amino acids.’

As well as these protein-building blocks and minerals including phosphorus, iodine, magnesium and potassium, beer is rich in calcium  so could benefit your bones.

A study by Tufts University in the United States in 2009 found that moderate beer consumption can protect bone mineral density.”


Thanks to the Daily Mail Online for this article.