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The 8 + 1 Types of Innovation…

This is funny and true but they left one type out. “SIMPLIFY” where useful features are taken away in the name of “elegant design” or making a product “intuitive.” The true purpose is to steer the user into using the product in the manner most beneficial to the manufacturer rather than the customer. Or to save money in production. Or to mine user data. Or all 3.

Credit to for the drawing, the idea, the laugh and the think.

Have an innovative week – in all the best ways!

— Tim

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Here’s a Crowdfunding Site To Pay Off Kanye’s Debts

$53 million is a lot of money, a lot of bad music and a lot of stupid looking clothing. So I created an @indiegogo #crowdfunding site to help Kanye West pay off his debts. But there’s a catch! Won’t you join us in the insanity?!?


Generate Your Own Trendy Bar Menu in 2 Seconds

~~ This cracked me up and has more than an ancient grain of truth! This hilarious site will generate a trendy “Brooklyn” bar name and menu with a click.  This would also apply to our Chicago neighborhood Logan Square! Or anywhere “bison waffle with frightened sardine” would not be out of place on a menu.

~~ Thanks to Anne and Roger for passing this along.

~~ Have a great week everyone!

brooklyn bar menu

Bands I’d Like to Book for #PalindromeWeek

~ Here’s the Top 15 bands I wish I could book this week for Palindrome Week, May 5/10/15 – 5/19/15 (dates the same forwards and backwards). What are your favorites?

~ Solo Gigolos ~

~ Party Boobytrap ~

~ Dr Awkward ~

~ Evil Olive ~

~ Dog Sees God ~

~ Rot Cart Tractor ~

~ Yay ~

~ Avid Diva ~

~ Bob ~

~ Racecar ~

~ No X in Nixon ~

~ Yo Banana Boy ~

~ Never Odd Or Even ~

~ UFO Tofu ~

~ Do Geese See God? ~

What are your favorites ideas or posts for PalindromeWeek?

Palindrome week

Chicago Politics: Top 5 Campaign Promises

~~ Top 5 Jesus “Chuy” Garcia Campaign Promises in the Chicago Mayoral Race
1. A chicken in every pothole ~~
2. Movember will be made an official city holiday ~~
3. Promises to remain Hispanic for his entire term ~~
4. Get rid of red light cameras, as well red lights ~~
5. Lower taxes and increase spending on popular programs… hey wait, sounds like he’s running for Congress!

~~ Chicago Votes April 7!

A saga of beer and weed – the Lagunitas Story.

~~ “If I was a kid in school today there’d be a teacher standing 10 feet away with a fire hose dressed in Ebola gear spraying me with Ritalin.” ~ Lagunitas’ founder and owner Tony Magee.

~~ The Lagunitas story is already legendary in our business, but this Mashable article sums up the madness and the crazy path the success in a highly entertaining and well-written short piece.  It’s also an insightful summary of craft beer legal issues and the Big Brewer V Small Brewer War.

Grab a beer and have a quick hoppy hour read.

Cheers! – Tim

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7 Myths Held By Self-Improvement and HR/Management Gurus

7 Myths Held By Self-Improvement and HR/Management Gurus

(1) Overworked managers have not already performed 80/20 elimination of unnecessary tasks.
(2) Customers and employees are rational and fair-minded.
(3) Co-workers will not exploit your work/life balance to advance their own career.
(4) Companies have money to add staff for any reason other than increased customer demand for goods/services the company sells.
(5) You don’t need fear in management.
(6) Bosses allow workers and managers the freedom to re-prioritize.
(7) Customers are willing to pay more for good service.

Reality check.  LinkedIN writers, I’m talking to you!  Wishing all the best to everyone in the corporate world – I’ve been there!  Cheers – Tim