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Generate Your Own Trendy Bar Menu in 2 Seconds

~~ This cracked me up and has more than an ancient grain of truth! This hilarious site will generate a trendy “Brooklyn” bar name and menu with a click.  This would also apply to our Chicago neighborhood Logan Square! Or anywhere “bison waffle with frightened sardine” would not be out of place on a menu.

~~ Thanks to Anne and Roger for passing this along.

~~ Have a great week everyone!

brooklyn bar menu


Taco Bell Planning to Sell Alcohol – Here’s the Drink Menu!

~ Now that Taco Bell is applying for a liquor license for its new location in Chicago’s Wicker Park, here are my Top 5 suggestions for the new TACO BELL DRINK MENU

~ Tacosmopolitan

~ Nacho Father’s Bourbon

~ MargaGordita

~ Beerito

~ QuesaTequila

~ Read about the new plans for the Alcoholic Taco Bell here thanks to Eater Chicago.

Cheers, and burp!



FREE IDEA: Creative Social Media Promo for a Pizzeria

~~ Elio’s Pizza encourages customers custom decorate their pizzas, shoot a pic and put it up on social media.
~~ That’s a fun idea for any pizzeria, and is sure to generate some interesting social media traffic. You could have people vote on the most creative design!
~~ Just get a squirt bottle of ranch dressing (strangely popular on pizza) as well as some tomato sauce and possibly some green chili sauce or some other colored decorative additions, that are compatible with pizza.

If you try it let me know how it works out!  And feel free to reach out to us here at A-List to discuss great promotion and social media ideas.  Cheers – Tim

Ellio's Pizza We know you love dressing up your pizzas, but do you ever get artsy? Show us your designs! Tag them with ‪#‎ElliosArt‬ and we might send you some free pizza!
Ellio’s Pizza
We know you love dressing up your pizzas, but do you ever get artsy? Show us your designs! Tag them with ‪#‎ElliosArt‬ and we might send you some free pizza!

Warm Up with some Mac N Cheese Donuts

~~ Restaurants and Bakeries should jump on new Savory Donut recipes.
~~ It’s cold and snowy in Chicago today and comfort food in donut form sounds good to me.  Hmmm, the Grilled Cheese Donut, Savory Cream Cheese Donuts, or Donut Monte Cristo Sliders… Decisions, Decisions.
~~ There’s some great ideas to jump start the Savory Donut food trend right here.

~~ Want to talk food trends and restaurant innovations?  Touch base with me on Twitter or Facebook and let’s make some money with new customer-pleasing ideas.  ~~ Tim

Look out Cronut, Chicago’s invented the Wonut.

Our good friend Alex Hernandez serves up friendly creative breakfasts at his hit South Loop restaurant Waffles. One of his neighborhood secrets is the “Wonut,” a combination waffle and donut. Now the secret is out as Alex has trademarked his Wonut creation and is opening a kiosk at Chicago’s Water Tower Place, and looking to further expansion of the Wonut concept. Having enjoyed a Wonut I say, watch out Cronut, and best of luck to a Chicago restaurant entrepreneur!

Alex Hernandez and his trademarked “Wonuts” are catching on like Chicago fire.

First reported in Crain’s Chicago Business, Alex’s Water Tower Place Wonut Kiosk is set to open November 25.  Read more at Eater Chicago.

Best of luck to Alex on sharing his amazing treats with Chicago and the world!

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Today: Qdoba dumps a truckload of coins for customers to scoop up

Scoop up your free nickels and dimes today, as Qdoba adds  free ‘extras’ to the menu

To promote its new stand against “nickel-and-diming” customers, Qdoba on Friday will send a dump truck filled with nickels and dimes to an empty lot not far from its Denver headquarters. It will dump the coins in the lot, and let consumers scoop them up by the cupful for keeps.

The change dump is a stunt to publicize a move sure to be watched carefully in the restaurant business:  Qdoba will no longer charge extra for guacamole, which previously cost customers $1.19 to $1.50 per serving, queso (a hot three-cheese dip) that used to cost $1; fajita vegetables that went for 69 cents; and chile BBQ sauce that also cost 69 cents.

These sound like small numbers but can make the difference between profit and loss for quick service restaurants on some orders.  It truly is a “nickel and dime business!”

“We heard complaints from guests and from team members,” says Tim Casey, brand president of Qdoba Mexican Grill. “They view (the extra charges ) as nickel-and-diming them.”

There are few things restaurant customers hate more than paying for extras — particularly millennials.

Read about it here.  Thanks to USA Today.

coin dump