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Here’s a Crowdfunding Site To Pay Off Kanye’s Debts

$53 million is a lot of money, a lot of bad music and a lot of stupid looking clothing. So I created an @indiegogo #crowdfunding site to help Kanye West pay off his debts. But there’s a catch! Won’t you join us in the insanity?!?



#JayZ says key to #success is “be water.”

~ Be Water.

~ If you pour water in a cup, it takes the shape of the cup. If you pour it in a teapot, it takes the shape of the teapot. Be fluid. Treat each project differently. The best style is no style, because styles can be figured out. And when you have no one style, they can’t figure you out.

Jay Z

There’s nothing wrong with not writing your own songs except…

~ Just discussing an article with industry friends that pointed out only 2 of the the TOP 10 selling songs last year were written by the performer with no help. Some thought it was no big deal and others a symptom of creative disintegration.

~ I say there’s nothing wrong with a separate songwriter. That was almost universal before the Beatles. If you’re a great singer that doesn’t mean you have songwriting potential of any kind and vice versa. The problem is when a few groups of “writers” crank out formula tunes written from a marketing perspective like an ad, avoiding innovation instead of trying to make a distinctive contribution to people’s lives. That’s the road to a creative wasteland.

~ And 9 songwriters is ridiculous on “Uptown Funk.” This was not even an original song but a rip off of the Gap Band’s “Oops Upside Your Head.”  Something shady going on there.

~ Here’s the article – feel free to comment. Have a creative day!

— Tim

It’s not an illusion, pop music really is worse than ever.

~ It’s not because you’re “old,” or a “hipster” that pop music throughout the 2000’s sounds boringly similar.  Turns out the majority of hit pop songs are not actually written by Taylor Swift and the various other stars, but cranked out by a handful of anonymous European producers, according to a nearly mathematical formula.  Amazingly, it’s been the same clique since the late nineties writing most of the songs.

~ Read the details here and here, and learn the names of the real “pop stars.”  Then kick back with some seventies vinyls and you’ll feel much better.

~ Thanks to the Atlantic and the New Yorker for the articles, speaking of old school quality.

About This Letter to #AppleMusic from #TaylorSwift

It’s the perfect response.  Her message is polite, intelligent, rational and insistent.
I have had my serious falling out with Apple over music and equipment quality issues as detailed on this blog and my other pages. My issues are on the customer side.
Read Taylor’s Blog Post here.  It’s a spot on take regarding the artist side of the Apple Music controversies.

Read more in Rolling Stone.  I think AppleMusic is likely to succeed, but the Apple we all loved under Steve Jobs seems to be degenerating fast.

Bye Bye Miss #AmericanIdol

Well, American Idol is finally being cancelled. So now’s a great time to look at 11 singers that were rejected by American Idol and then went on to make it big, including Colbie Caillat and Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum. Fact is most of the biggest music artists in history probably would have been rejected. I never saw anything creatively ground breaking come from that show or any other TV talent searches. Steven Tyler was pretty funny though.


The Upcoming Collapse of (Nearly) Every Streaming Service

In light of my recent dealings with Apple, Spotify and Pandora, as well as the stillbirth of Tidal, it’s clear to me that all existing music streaming services other than Apple are likely to collapse over the next couple of years. The technology and user bases will be taken over by content license holders. This will leave “record companies” and artists smart enough to own their own rights on top along with Apple, which has the base business to support streaming as a loss leader.  Bubble pop is in progress.