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It’s time to scrap the Olympics and start over.

Sports is not my business but I’ve learned to spot when disruption is needed. The Olympics are an outdated model that stresses host countries, has bloated, problematic administration and is organized and presented in an obsolete fashion. I would like to see the greatest athletes organize and start an alternative sporting event, perhaps with help from media and other stakeholders. Modernize and streamline the worldwide athletic competition business!

Use Cirque Du Soleil as a model. What they did to disrupt, modernize and re-define “the circus” should be done with Olympic style competition. One simple idea that comes to mind is to use existing facilities instead of building these “Olympic Cities” that sit largely unused afterward. Check out some of the ruined sites here.

There’s no reason why the outmoded Olympics should continue. Here’s an example of how the Rio Olympics are shaping up to be a disaster. It’s been a long time since the Games have been a smashing success. They are ripe for disruption. Sports need to be based on excellence and constant self improvement.

UPDATE 8/11/16:  Here’s Time Magazine’s take on Olympic disfunction and corruption.

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#TONIGHT: LIVE #NFL Schedule Release Party in Chicago

Join my friends and clients at Moretti’s Edison Park (Northwest Side of Chicago) TONIGHT for the Live NFL Schedule Release show, hosted by Albert Breer, National Reporter, NFL Network and Boston’s 98.5 The Sports Hub. Join us for fun, food, drinks, special guests and live football commentary. Chicago is getting ready for the NFL Draft and the excitement is building all over the city!


Chicago’s OSU bar just a few steps away from Oregon bar: Which is better?

The OSU bar across the street from the Oregon bar in Chicago. Not the only ones in town but will be a very interesting block for the “Ducks V Bucks” College Football Championship Game tonight!
As a Big 10 Alumnus from Wisconsin who has that ingrown Ohio State hatred along with the Ducks beating the Badgers in their last Rose Bowl (which I attended), I really can’t have a preference…


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Ohio State and Oregon match up in the College Football National Championship game Monday night.

It’s hard to decide out who to root for — WGN’s Nancy Loo went to Oregon while WGN Morning News meteorologist Demetrius Ivory went to Ohio State.

Well, it turns out here in Chicago that each team’s official bars are just a few feet away from each other.

Marcus Leshock went to ask the people there for some help with making a prediction.

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The Atlanta Hawks had a Tinder-themed night, and this is what happened

Great idea – “Swipe Right” Tinder Night at the Atlanta Hawks Game Jan. 7. No reason this could not be a nightclub or bar promotion with a bit of tweaking. Let me know if you want to try it…

For The Win


On Wednesday, the Atlanta Hawks hosted “Swipe Right Night,” encouraging fans to use the dating/hookup app, Tinder, while watching the team take on the Grizzlies.

And, predictably, the internet loved it — “Hawks” and “Tinder” were even trending in Atlanta. Here are the highlights.

First, the Hawks prepared for the evening with some *classy* flowers.

As the stadium geared up for the game, tensions ran high.

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Self Service Draft Beer Machines Launch at MLB Park

In a ballpark first, the Twins debuted a self-serving beer machine in Sunday’s game against the Yankees, and it’s scheduled to be in action for all the baseball world to see when Target Field hosts the All-Star Game on July 15, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

I can see this catching on, not only in sports arenas but bars and nightclubs as well.  What’s the downside?

The company making the machines is DraftServ, a power player in beer service innovation.

Hey it worked with gas stations!


Thanks to the Score AM670 sports radio for the link!