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Restaurants can attract Pokemon Go players for 99 cents by “dropping a lure.”

Restaurants and other businesses are loading the monster new mobile game Pokemon Go to find out if their location is part of the game or near a spot which is a goal for players to visit. There’s no way to pay to be a location, but you can purchase “lures” within the game that attract the virtual creatures that inhabit the game, and thus attract real players that could be customers.

Read about this crazy popular game and how businesses are making themselves part of it here.

Here’s more details on exactly how dropping a lure can work for stores near “Pokestops.” Courtesy of Restaurant News and @RonRuggless.




Restaurant / Bar Idea : Promote Thru Your WiFi

I believe SmartWiFi is a great idea for bars, restaurants and other businesses.  Run your loyalty program and customer discount offers on the WiFi that customers use in the establishment!  I haven’t figured out the best service yet but here’s a few that are out there.

Pharo Social (video explaining concept and linking to Social Media)





Let me know your thoughts, any operators that are using these or considering.









The Facebook Coffee Shop VS the Google Yellow Pages.

Trying to decide where to spend your online money and time to promote your business?  I thought this video interview of online marketing strategist Perry Marshall by Tanya Benedicto Klich of Entrepreneur Magazine was helpful in showing how to decide if Facebook or Google is the best fit.  For my restaurants and bar clients we always do both, but as you can see from the video Facebook is usually going to be a great fit for hospitality businesses.


What logo color is best your business?

Yellow, Orange and Red are traditionally thought to be the best colors for food and beverage company logos and menus.  They have long been associated with food and hunger.  Green is OK too.

The past few years there’s been more rule breaking in the restaurant sector, particularly with blues and purples that were long avoided.

Here’s an infographic showing the emotions attached to various colors, and more interesting info about logos.  Thanks to Kate Taylor and Entrepreneur.com.


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