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Google Accidentally Reveals Its Own Mobile Events App

Gooops! This could be good for bar/nightclub event promotion when it’s ready for prime time.


Google has published a new mobile events application on Google Play called “Interactive Events,” but the app doesn’t appear to be ready for prime time. Instead, it looks like the app has been published early by accident, as it advises users who download it to their phones that it’s a “confidential” app being tested internally at the company, and warns users to not discuss the app with “non-Googlers.”

There isn’t much you can do with the mobile app at present, but screenshots on Google Play give an idea about how it works. In addition, if you dismiss the “Confidential” warning message and accept the agreement, you’re then taken to a screen where you have the option to scan a QR code or type in a confirmation code in order to access event information.

Obviously, you won’t be able to do this now, but that’s apparently how a new user…

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The most hilariously unfair one-star review of all time

I bet this nitwit is on Yelp regularly reviewing restaurants…


No matter how good your mobile app is, there will always be at least one person who will trash it with a one-star rating on the App Store, just because some people can’t help hating on things. App developer Todd Ransom, who has developed an app that maps out the areas surrounding the gorgeous waterfalls of western North Carolina, explains on Twitter that his app has gotten a one-star review for the most ridiculous possible reason: The reviewer got stung by yellow jackets while using the app.

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Don’t Let Mobile Pass You By

The TechCrunch article below is hugely applicable to our hospitality business. Restaurants/Bars/Nightclubs/Hotels, how are you going to leverage the move by consumers to mobile? Diners, what do you want from the hospitality business on mobile? Big questions sure to generate some market moving answers – the tipping point is now.


Editor’s note: IanThiel is the head of mobile at Optimizely, a provider of optimization software for web and native mobile apps.

Today’s consumers engage with their favorite brands through multiple touch points, ranging from social media, email and mobile. Smart marketers have embraced this cross-platform, cross-device ecosystem to uncover the growth levers that are integral to the success of their businesses. But many are hesitant to venture into the “new world” of mobile — they may not have a mobile strategy in place, or they may be unwilling to commit the capital to developing an effective one.

Fortunately, smart marketers have set impressive examples of using insights about their customers to figure out ways to engage them on mobile devices. Before we dive into these brand examples, however, it’s important to understand the market opportunity they recognized as a foundation for building their mobile presence.

The Opportunity

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