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Question about “bar hacks” for customers.

I got a question from a bar customer over the weekend about “bar hacks,” to make going out to bars and nightclubs easier, here’s my response:

Best hack:  Go early before it gets busy.  You will frequently save money on cover, as it’s often reduced early, there will be no line, and you will be able to get a drink easily. Then establish a relationship with a bartender or server in the most out of the way part of the club where they will be the least slammed, tip in advance, and you will be prioritized to get your drinks fast once it gets busy.  Also you will have a prime place to sit/hang.  Sometimes you can get a table/bottle service at a reduced rate if they are not sold out.  As little as 1 hour difference in when you show up can make all the difference in comfort for your night.

> Dress Cool.  That does not necessarily mean dress up.  If you want to find out the way to best fit in at the club, look on their photo pages such as Instagram and Facebook.  The clubs will feature pictures of what they consider their most attractive patrons. Dress like them or if you have fashion game, even spin your look just a slight step more upscale or extreme (depending on the concept of the club).

Social Media hacks:
> If the bar/club is active on Twitter get yourself known that you re-tweet and support them with Tweets, that’s like Gold to most places.  I have found that Twitter can be the new VIP.
> If you take photos in the club with good looking people that make the club look good and post/tag them that’s valuable too.  Social Media has created ways you can help a club that were never there before, and if the club is active on social they will likely appreciate it.

Old School hacks:
> Show up with attractive and/or personable people and a mixed group, 60/40 women to men
> Go in on a dead night, make friends with staff, spend money, get some contact info so they can hook you up on a busier night.
> If you want to check out places that are hot as hell go there any night besides Saturday, you will get in easier and have better service.  Find out when they are not “dead” but not slammed.  Saturdays explore the less known out of the way joints or well-established places that are still good but post – trendy so they now appreciate their patrons.  This last technique works for better restaurant experiences too.