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How to Get Paid for a Flight Delay

Get paid for a flight delay – what a concept! Read about the new tech innovations making travel better.


There are two types of travelers in this world: those who put up with the difficulties and occasional indignities of travel and those who are determined to triumph over them.

If you’re in the former camp, take note: with so much new technology available at your fingertips—and so many companies coming up with innovative solutions to travel dilemmas—there’s no reason to suffer in silence any longer.

For the past year, Travel + Leisure’s Trip Doctor news team has been testing and evaluating ways to travel better. Among our finds: a new breed of flexible airfare search tools that are making it easier to find lower-priced tickets that work with your schedule and travel parameters.

We also uncovered some enterprising services that will help you get paid—handsomely—when your flight is delayed or your luggage goes missing. And once you’ve arrived in your destination, we’ve identified simple ways that you can…

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How to Pitch Your Business, by Richard Branson

Richard Branson excellently explains how to Pitch your idea, product or business in Entrepreneur Magazine. It comes down to 5 simple steps:

(1) Explain how your new business will make a difference, but do it in an entertaining fashion.
(2) Show off your expertise in a personable way, highlight your experience and your team’s strengths.
(3) Ground your idea with simple, realistic messages.
(4) Do not use jargon.
(5) Most importantly, pitch quickly.

My bonus reminder: Any meaningful business idea can be expressed in less than 2 minutes!

It’s worth reading the complete Branson interview in Entrepreneur Magazine, including a couple of entertaining pitch stories from Sir Richard.

Cheers! — TTBG

Some savvy Chicago O’Hare Airport Hacks (and a Pug)

As a Chicagoan I will vouch for these tactics and they really are good O’Hare hacks.  Not sure about #4 street parking for a week though, that might not be a dependable hack.  The rest are pure gold.

Happy flying – come and see us in Chicago real soon!

And now to get your weekend started right, here’s a cute Pug running around in a ball pit.  — TTBG