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Restaurants can attract Pokemon Go players for 99 cents by “dropping a lure.”

Restaurants and other businesses are loading the monster new mobile game Pokemon Go to find out if their location is part of the game or near a spot which is a goal for players to visit. There’s no way to pay to be a location, but you can purchase “lures” within the game that attract the virtual creatures that inhabit the game, and thus attract real players that could be customers.

Read about this crazy popular game and how businesses are making themselves part of it here.

Here’s more details on exactly how dropping a lure can work for stores near “Pokestops.” Courtesy of Restaurant News and @RonRuggless.




About This Letter to #AppleMusic from #TaylorSwift

It’s the perfect response.  Her message is polite, intelligent, rational and insistent.
I have had my serious falling out with Apple over music and equipment quality issues as detailed on this blog and my other pages. My issues are on the customer side.
Read Taylor’s Blog Post here.  It’s a spot on take regarding the artist side of the Apple Music controversies.

Read more in Rolling Stone.  I think AppleMusic is likely to succeed, but the Apple we all loved under Steve Jobs seems to be degenerating fast.

Here’s a ticketing idea that’s more fair to fans, #BlackhawksRally

Facebook or Twitter should develop ticket purchase validation technology that could be used for events like the Hawks rally tomorrow in Chicago, where scalpers scooped up so many of the free tickets and are selling them online for $100 or more.

There must be a way to help real fans get most of the tickets by authorizing purchases through matching with Facebook profiles and activity.


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Bands I’d Like to Book for #PalindromeWeek

~ Here’s the Top 15 bands I wish I could book this week for Palindrome Week, May 5/10/15 – 5/19/15 (dates the same forwards and backwards). What are your favorites?

~ Solo Gigolos ~

~ Party Boobytrap ~

~ Dr Awkward ~

~ Evil Olive ~

~ Dog Sees God ~

~ Rot Cart Tractor ~

~ Yay ~

~ Avid Diva ~

~ Bob ~

~ Racecar ~

~ No X in Nixon ~

~ Yo Banana Boy ~

~ Never Odd Or Even ~

~ UFO Tofu ~

~ Do Geese See God? ~

What are your favorites ideas or posts for PalindromeWeek?

Palindrome week

The Upcoming Collapse of (Nearly) Every Streaming Service

In light of my recent dealings with Apple, Spotify and Pandora, as well as the stillbirth of Tidal, it’s clear to me that all existing music streaming services other than Apple are likely to collapse over the next couple of years. The technology and user bases will be taken over by content license holders. This will leave “record companies” and artists smart enough to own their own rights on top along with Apple, which has the base business to support streaming as a loss leader.  Bubble pop is in progress.

Is Today’s Country Music Just for “Cheesy Horndogs?”

~~ I have opened and marketed 3 country bar/restaurant/nightclubs over many years, and have a great deal of respect for this music format. I have to agree with the article below. In the Garth Brooks years of the 90s there were so many great songs and performers.  In the last few years, Country has been taken over by a boring, moronic, negative formula.

~~ I could not believe the idiotic atmosphere at Kenny Chesney’s recent Soldier Field show I attended, with fights breaking out, people spilling beer on others and vomiting and overall the trashed atmosphere of a bad frat party.  My experience in our clubs was always that country bands and fans were the most polite and good hearted crowd in all of music.  What happened in the past few years?  It’s time for the artists and business to step up or be a meaningless joke genre like booty house music.

Read about how Country Music has become music “for cheesy horndogs,” and needs a Nirvana moment here.  I agree and hope the musicians and industry can see beyond the quick buck and save this great genre for the long term.


Final Words from Leonard Nimoy

In one of Leonard Nimoy’s last tweets, there was this poem he had written:

You and I
have learned
The song of love,
and we sing it well
The song is ageless
Passed on
Heart to heart
By those
Who have seen
What we see
And known
What we know
And lovers who have
Sung before
Our love is ours
To have
To share
The miracle is this
The more we share…
The more
We have
— Leonard Nimoy

His final tweet:


#RestInPeace #LeonardNimoy

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