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#TBT People love our food so much they take photos to send their friends!

~~ Imagine how thrilled we would have been 15 years ago if a customer had brought a camera to our restaurant, taken photos of our food and mailed the pictures to all their friends with a note on how delicious it was and what a good time they were having?  #TBT

~~ So how NUTS are restaurant managers, owners, chefs and service staff to complain about people snapping food photos at dinner and sharing them?

~~ Food (pictures) for Thought.  — TTBG



Would it impress your Valentine if a drone delivered your drinks?

A restaurant in Singapore is planning to experiment with drones delivering food and drinks within the restaurant. Read about it here at WaPo. Sounds messy to me, so what do you think?

drone dining plan


Mob Hitman Christmas Carols.

  1. It’s the Most Wonderful Crime of the Year
  2. Chestnuts Roasting As I Open Fire
  3. The 12 Slays of Christmas
  4. Frosty the Gunman
  5. Dance of the Luger Plum Fairy
  6. Silencer Night
  7. Deck the Walls with Parts of Ollie
  8. Glockin’ around the Christmas tree
  9. Slay Ride
  10. Deceased Navidad

For my many organized crime movie and video game fan friends.  Christmas Cheers!  — TTBG

Free Promotion Event Idea: Bad Santa.

Everyone bar does an “ugly sweater contest,” it’s getting kind of lame. But one of my favorite Chicago bars “Three Aces” recently came up with a fresh idea – a “Bad Santa” contest!
I would suggest “Bad Santa and Sleazy Elf” to add more costume ideas and get women more involved.  Go!

Chicago’s Three Aces is the only garage rock biker bar I know featuring “farm-to-table Italian fare and an all-American beer list.”

A-List Marketing has been helping bars create and execute unique promotions that draw crowds for more than 15 years in over 40 venues of all types.   Thousands of successful promotional events and continuing to innovate – reach out to us for more ideas!

8 Unique Features of the New Facebook Wallet.

Facebook wants to be your wallet, reportedly developing a system for allowing monetary transfers and eventually retail purchases directly through Facebook apps.  Here are some of the features I expect to see in the new “Facebook Wallet”:

1. Everything you buy also belongs to Facebook.
2. You have to run two different apps, “Facebook Wallet” and also “Walletssenger,” one to pay the purchase price and one to pay the sales tax.
3. With Facebook Wallet, you can only make purchases at stores you visit at least weekly.
4. Every one of your friends can tag, rate and comment on each of your purchases.
5. You build up your credit rating for years, then Facebook Wallet will wipe out all your credit information without notice, and you’ll have to change your name and start over.
6. The price you pay for an item is determined by how many other people want it.
7. The list of stores where Facebook Wallet works changes daily without notification.
8. There’s no customer service phone number.

I’m sure I’m missing a few great ideas so feel free to send me some suggestions, and happy FaceShopping…

Why Someone Needs to Put a GoPro Camera on a Shot Ski.

Because… GoPro and Shot Ski just belong together!

We have fun with “shot skis” at many of my clients’ locations. It’s a new twist on shots and makes celebrating even more of a group activity.
Someone needs to put a GoPro camera on a shot ski to get some great video “shots” – I might have to be the one to do that over the big TG holiday weekend!

Have a great Saturday Night and rest of your weekend — TimTheBarGuy

The League of Distinguished Shot Ski Gentlemen at one of my client bars, The Snuggery Schaumburg, Illinois.
shot ski whiskeyriver
Rockin’ the Shot Ski at Whiskey River, Mt. Prospect Illinois. One of my newest client bars that opened Fall 2014.

When you’re in the Chicago area, check out Whiskey River, The Snuggery, and my other Ala Carte Entertainment client bars and restaurants for fun, food and festivities!

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