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Restaurants can attract Pokemon Go players for 99 cents by “dropping a lure.”

Restaurants and other businesses are loading the monster new mobile game Pokemon Go to find out if their location is part of the game or near a spot which is a goal for players to visit. There’s no way to pay to be a location, but you can purchase “lures” within the game that attract the virtual creatures that inhabit the game, and thus attract real players that could be customers.

Read about this crazy popular game and how businesses are making themselves part of it here.

Here’s more details on exactly how dropping a lure can work for stores near “Pokestops.” Courtesy of Restaurant News and @RonRuggless.




Free Original Bar / Nightclub Idea

Someone please do this in a club or bar – it would work!  I’ll help! Could be a package that would move from venue to venue, or a permanent theme element of a bar or club.

It’s the Live Human Version of a video game.

There’s something like this in New York City, but it’s not in a bar or club.  Has also been used from time to time in corporate team building.