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Here’s a Crowdfunding Site To Pay Off Kanye’s Debts

$53 million is a lot of money, a lot of bad music and a lot of stupid looking clothing. So I created an @indiegogo #crowdfunding site to help Kanye West pay off his debts. But there’s a catch! Won’t you join us in the insanity?!?



Relive AC/DC’s Butt-Kicking Opening Performance To The 2015 Grammy Awards

Now this is rock.


AC/DC performed tonight for the first time ever at the Grammy Awards, opening with an ass-kicking back-to-back double performance of “Rock or Bust” followed by “Highway to Hell” to remind everyone that Angus Young was rocking shorts way before Pharrell decided it was cool. Or as CW viewers watching the Grammy Awards thought, “some old guys singing those songs from Supernatural.” Let’s just shut it down now, it’s doubtful any Grammys performance this evening is going to top this.

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