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Thinking with MLK

~ Here’s an MLK quote you don’t see every day. Food for thought in business and in life!

~ “Nothing pains some people more than having to think.”

think MLK quote

Happy Birthday Dr. King!


DNA Helps ID Unknown Soldiers Killed at Pearl Harbor :: #VeteransDay

Wonders of modern science. What better tribute on #Veteran’sDay than to finally deliver these heroes to their families?
Read here how modern DNA technology identified unknown soldiers killed in the Pearl Harbor attack on Dec 7, 1941.
Truly inspiring!

Bravo to all Veterans on #VeteransDay 2015, including my Dad “The Colonel” Cliff Borden, career Army, and our young sailor Olivia Huber!

thanks to Navy Times for the story

pear harbor unknowns


One Hundred Years of The Voice.

Frank Sinatra was the first ever teen idol, in the 1940s, known as “The Voice.” Then he repeatedly reinvented himself over many decades to become one of the select few artists to define American culture. This year Sinatra would have turned 100 years old. Here is an brief and excellent article on his career from Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune:

“Before Sinatra, pop singers such as Crosby, Columbo and the like spun silken phrases more notable for beauty of sound than for burrowing down into the deepest, darkest meanings of a song. Despite their elegance of line and smoothness of delivery, these crooners may as well have been singing their grocery lists for all the interpretive insight they brought to the subtext of a lyric.  Sinatra changed that, practically from the start of his career.”

There are many lessons we can learn from Sinatra’s story that go beyond music.

The Six Life Stages of an Urban Entertainment District

#TBT to the origins of Chicago’s Wicker Park, Fulton Market District, Weed Street District and many in other cities… the Circle of (Night) Life.

Tim Borden

In the beginning there were empty warehouses.  And it was good.

(Stage 1) A desolate area with low rents, many vacant commercial buildings and plenty of free parking attracts a few edgy nightclub start-ups.  The City is happy to have any businesses willing to make the risky investment to help bring a blighted area to life, and generate new tax revenue.  This short honeymoon of appreciation and tolerance by the powers that be will be the last thank you the nightclub industry receives for powering the revival of a neglected neighborhood.

(Stage 2) Trendy clubbers discover the area and more clubs open.  Parking rapidly becomes a challenge.  Rising drink prices and VIP door policies start pushing out the less affluent or attractive members of the original edgy crowd.  Media coverage champions the area and clubs as trendsetting and cool.  Police presence increases.

(Stage 3) The Entertainment District coalesces, with hip…

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Perfect Example of the X Factor in the Nightlife Biz

Nightclub history on my mind lately. It’s worth repeating this story of a groundbreaking venue.

Tim Borden

An illuminating story about a touchstone in Chicago nightlife and cultural history.   Illustrates why the nightclub business can never be reduced to a formula.



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#TBT :: The Oldest Restaurants in the USA.

What better way to #Throwback Thursday than to take a look at the oldest restaurant in each state of the union?  Courtesy of Thrillist, look and learn!

IL village inn
The oldest restaurant in my state, Illinois, is also the oldest bar, appropriately enough! The Village Tavern, Long Grove IL.