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#SundayFunday : Beware of the Foods

~~ 10 Foods you should never eat (according to the Internet)
Anything cave men didn’t eat
Red meat
Any meat
Anything raw
Anything cooked
Anything white

But bacon, that’s the best!



The Unlikely Coalition That Helped Determine Our Internet Future

~~ Nothing could be more inspiring to me than to see political groups put aside polarization and the “us vs them” mentality to join in a mission to improve our country for all citizens. Here is the fascinating back story of 2 unlikely allies from the left and right edges of the political spectrum who united to drive the recently successful effort to re-establish Net Neutrality.

~~ “When it comes to protecting Internet freedom, the Christian Coalition and MoveOn respectfully agree,” read the New York Times ad. MoveOn was the largest progressive organization in America, and the Christian Coalition a key group for conservative religious activists. They’d been on the other side of myriad issues, but never teamed up on anything before.

“It’s nice to not always be predictable,” said MoveOn co-founder Joan Blades. “When MoveOn shows up, people expect what we’re going to say. But when MoveOn and the Christian Coalition show up together, people think, ‘If these guys can agree on this, maybe it’s something I should pay attention to.’ You get a totally different response.”

“It was wonderful to make a difference on an issue that not a lot of people are thinking about, but is very big in terms of maintaining a public square that benefits everybody. It was a very happy ending.”

“I think it’s America at its best when you come together like this,” said Michele Combs, Christian Coalition’s communications director. “At the end of the day everyone wants to make a better country for their families, for the future. When we talk basic values, there’s a lot we come together on.” Working with new allies also energized her. “When people on either side of the aisle work with others who feel the same way as they do, there’s often in-fighting and egos. When you work with a group you normally disagree with, you’re coming together without common baggage. You’re both passionate, and you get a lot done. Not that I don’t appreciate the organizations I usually work with, but when a group like ours comes together with MoveOn or the National Wildlife Federation, it shows that we really can find common ground.”

Read here how the Christian Coalition and MoveOn Joined to Help Save Net Neutrality.



Back from Vacation, Thoughts on Left Sharks, Tipping, and Internet Freedom

We skipped the Chicago blizzard for Super Bowl Week in Florida.
Various thoughts while rebooting:

HMMM.  I was wondering when someone was going to mention this uncomfortable reality about “50 Shades of Grey…”

NEW WORD:  “Left Shark” – an endearingly awkward or incompetent person.  I hope this one sticks – love it!

OLDER PEOPLE TIP BETTER?? According to Zagat and Consolidated Food Service studies, the worst tippers by age are Millennials and the worst by region are on the West Coast.  Read the surprising data here.

REALITY CHECK:  The best way to evaluate if cable/Internet should be regulated like a utility: are you happier with your gas and electric service or with your cable/Internet service? The answer is obvious. Internet service is a vital utility and should be regulated as such.  So THIS is very good news indeed from the FCC.

I already miss the feel of sand on my feet (as seen above).

Have a great week, stay warm and watch for sharks! — TTBG


Media Hysteria Even Extends to Weather Reports

Of course, MONSTER STORM JUNO turned out to be much less disastrous than the media hyped it up to be. The commercial media and Internet hyping of every problem into a cataclysm continues its downward spiral, making media stories often useless in determining practical courses of action to deal with problems.
Of course it’s good to be prepared for challenges, but from terrorism to partisan politics to snow storms the media sows hype and inaccuracies to gain ratings. Viewers must learn to sort through the panic peddling to find the wise path to take to deal with risks and dangers.  Just like in our businesses, making the right choices requires critical thinking and leaving our comfort zones.
There was a time when the major media held itself back with basic journalistic integrity out of fear of being ridiculed as sensationalistic by the educated public. Once they saw most of the people less concerned with truth than seeking comfort and titillation, it was full speed ahead to hyping everything beyond all reason in news, politics and even the weather.  The good news is that we citizens created the problem, and we can solve it by demanding better from our media.  Start turning on our BS detectors, acknowledging the risks and uncertainties in life, and questioning the fear and hysteria being marketed to us daily.
Stay warm and comfy everyone, but don’t be afraid to stray outside now and then.
Cheers – TimTheBarGuy

The real reason that US internet service providers are terrified of strong net neutrality

Confused about Net Neutrality?

Here’s a quick quiz to see if you are for it or against it.

1. Do you think (A) Internet Access is a necessity or (B) Internet Access is a consumer good people can do without?

2. Do you personally have (A) only 1 to 3 choices for providers of Internet service or (B) do you have many choices for Internet service as you would for where to buy clothes or a car?

3. Do you think Internet providers operate more like (A) a telephone or electric company or (B) a car manufacturer or clothing store?

If you answered mostly (A) you are in favor of Net Neutrality.  If you answered mostly (B) you are against Net Neutrality.

Read more here about Net Neutrality from a conservative, free market perspective.

And read the Quartz article below for more information on the latest developments.

Net Neutrality is a seemingly boring, but actually very important issue, especially for smaller businesses and consumers concerned about cost of Internet access and fair treatment of smaller businesses.

Real Competition in Broadband – it’s important for everyone.

This is a little off my “Restau/Bar” blogging norm, but hey, bars have broadband service and it’s a vital part of our customer service.  This article breaks the news that the FCC realizes what most average Americans know is obvious: we have less and less competitive choice for one of our most essential needs – broadband Internet service.  We don’t need more consolidation in that industry, and we definitely DO need to preserve Net Neutrality, which has made the Internet an all access forum with equal treatment for every user!

If you agree that Internet service is an indispensable “utility” like electric and gas service, that everyone needs equal access to, please sign this petition.  Net Neutrality is under attack and if it falls, higher costs under a less fair system would likely impact businesses such as restaurants and bars, as well as every individual who depends on Internet access.

There’s some more good info on how Net Neutrality is important for entrepreneurs and businesses in this story.

Thanks for paying attention to this important issue – now here’s your Tater Tot Waffle Bacon-Jalapeno Grilled Cheese !