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Final Words from Leonard Nimoy

In one of Leonard Nimoy’s last tweets, there was this poem he had written:

You and I
have learned
The song of love,
and we sing it well
The song is ageless
Passed on
Heart to heart
By those
Who have seen
What we see
And known
What we know
And lovers who have
Sung before
Our love is ours
To have
To share
The miracle is this
The more we share…
The more
We have
— Leonard Nimoy

His final tweet:


#RestInPeace #LeonardNimoy

1 to beam up…

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Back from Vacation, Thoughts on Left Sharks, Tipping, and Internet Freedom

We skipped the Chicago blizzard for Super Bowl Week in Florida.
Various thoughts while rebooting:

HMMM.  I was wondering when someone was going to mention this uncomfortable reality about “50 Shades of Grey…”

NEW WORD:  “Left Shark” – an endearingly awkward or incompetent person.  I hope this one sticks – love it!

OLDER PEOPLE TIP BETTER?? According to Zagat and Consolidated Food Service studies, the worst tippers by age are Millennials and the worst by region are on the West Coast.  Read the surprising data here.

REALITY CHECK:  The best way to evaluate if cable/Internet should be regulated like a utility: are you happier with your gas and electric service or with your cable/Internet service? The answer is obvious. Internet service is a vital utility and should be regulated as such.  So THIS is very good news indeed from the FCC.

I already miss the feel of sand on my feet (as seen above).

Have a great week, stay warm and watch for sharks! — TTBG