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There’s nothing wrong with not writing your own songs except…

~ Just discussing an article with industry friends that pointed out only 2 of the the TOP 10 selling songs last year were written by the performer with no help. Some thought it was no big deal and others a symptom of creative disintegration.

~ I say there’s nothing wrong with a separate songwriter. That was almost universal before the Beatles. If you’re a great singer that doesn’t mean you have songwriting potential of any kind and vice versa. The problem is when a few groups of “writers” crank out formula tunes written from a marketing perspective like an ad, avoiding innovation instead of trying to make a distinctive contribution to people’s lives. That’s the road to a creative wasteland.

~ And 9 songwriters is ridiculous on “Uptown Funk.” This was not even an original song but a rip off of the Gap Band’s “Oops Upside Your Head.”  Something shady going on there.

~ Here’s the article – feel free to comment. Have a creative day!

— Tim


Is “Blurred Lines” a Marvin Gaye Rip Off?

This will be a fascinating case for those of us interested in music and copyright law.

Beyond the facts of the infringement case, it also has historical and moral overtones, highlighting the question:  When and how does artistic influence and inspiration become exploitation and theft?  It goes back to the genesis of rock and roll when white singers would remake black songs to get on race-segregated radio.

Is “Blurred Lines” a Marvin Gaye Rip Off?  Is Rock and Roll/Pop a R&B/Blues ripoff?  There’s no clear answer but it sure can be a stimulating and enlightening cultural debate.

I guess there’s quite a few “blurred lines…”

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