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Happy Birthday Neil

Rust Never Sleeps, still one of the top 10 concerts I’ve seen in my lifetime. Happy Birthday Neil Young – a bottomless talent of amazing, deep risk-taking music. One of the longest relevant careers in rock history and the wildest range of styles. 60s to 2010’s he never coasted or took the easy way out artistically. Not for everyone I guess, but that’s one of my favorite things about him.

Check out some of his lesser known music.



A Young American and David Bowie

~ We did “Rebel Rebel” in my high school rock band. As kids we never talked about Bowie’s sexuality. We just identified with the rebel, the energy and his talent.

~ I was a teen in central Wisconsin in the late 70s. “That Seventies Show” was our life. No computers. No cell phones. Three TV channels and “MASH” was the cutting edge program.
~ Rock music was the way we knew there was something else out there. And no one was further out there than David Bowie. Across the universe was where he took our minds.